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Our Vision

To be the holistic premier managed service partner attracting small and medium business enterprises in South Africa and rest of Africa.

We take Pride in ourselves as Industry Innovators within the I.T. Industry. Offering Honest & Reliable Service based solutions to our customers.

Our Mission

  • Being a channel centric provider of superior products and services.
  • Continuous innovation and improvement in supply superior products chain management.
  • Recognising our suppliers as stakeholders and nurturing long term relationships.
  • Being an equal opportunity company and develop staff to their full potential.
  • Delivering exceptional returns for all stakeholders.
  • Adopting environmental standards and practices to minimise our impact on non-renewable resources.

Our Solutions

Desktop, Server & Network Support

Managed Support

Server Virtualization

Backups & Data Protection

Managed Anti-Virus – Total Endpoint Security

Managing Compliance

Hardware & Software Sales

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Intdev Cabling Division

Structured Voice and Data Cabling

Fibre Optic Networks

Wireless Networks

Internet & WAN Connectivity


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Intdev Internet Technologies have been offering complete and customised IT and communications solutions since 1998. Over the years, Intdev has become the preferred IT partner, focusing on connectivity, communications and managed services.



After Hours


Fast and reliable Internet connectivity has become a business hygiene factor. It’s an essential requirement for productivity and overall business success and is fast becoming one of the main sales and marketing channels for small businesses. Everything from customer interactions and online payments processing to cloud-based data store and applications depend on a fast and reliable Internet connection.

When shopping for Internet packages, information overload is imminent and page after page often floods you with tech jargon and overlapping terms. Google opens the door to every fact, figure, product and service known to man so before you type anything in the search bar, you need to know what your business needs are.

ADSL Packages

We have a wide range of ADSL packages available, let us help you make the right choice.


We work with multiple fibre providers to get you the best possible service.


Intdev can get you connected anywhere, with a wide range of LTE products to choose from.
High speed internet access.
Quick and Easy to install, plug and play operation.
No landline necessary.

Intdev provides multiple product offerings, linked to SLA’s and delivers exceptional service. Service’s include an MPLS solution.

This is a testimonial from client Bettagaming SA about what they have to say about Intdev.

Intdev hosts our servers in their Lenovo cloud solution, with backup and behind a secure environment with 100% uptime to date. Our connectivity is built on a SD Wan solution with Intdev.

This is a testimonial from client LM Bookmakers about what they have to say about Intdev.

Sepels decided to move their physical servers to a cloud based solution with Intdev, The move was seamless and we have not experienced any downtime.

This is a testimonial from client Sepels about what thy have to say about Intdev.

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