Business Mobility

Machine to Machine

  • Machine to Machine(M2M) communication: The networking of intelligent communications-enabled remote assets it allows key information to be exchanged automatically without human intervention, and covers a broad range of technologies and application which connect the physical world-whether machines or monitored physical conditions – to a back end IT infrastructure.
  • M2M tariffs: Especially designed for M2M customers
  • LiveTrack Vehicle Tracking: LiveTracking is Vodacom’s vehicle tracking solution which puts the power of tracking vehicle back in the hands of the customer by providing real time map location, historical tracks, trip reports, tax logbook, geofencing, cellphone tracking, movement/panic/battery tamper alerts as well as optional Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Roadside Assistance serviced.
  • A VQFN-8 chip Sim: A semiconductor SIM that is soldered onto your PC board for device manufacturing, allowing for built-in management control
  • GSDP: Global M2M web-based platform, allowing secure management and administration of M2M SIM deployments
  • M2M Spend Manager: Allows for the management and control of M2M SIM and APN usage and spend to reduce unexpected costs.

Mobile voice & data

  • Voice and Data Plans: A wide range of flexible contracts are available for voice and data, as well as tools to manage and control voice and data spend.
  • Access Point Name (APN): An access Point Name (APN) is a point of entry into IP network from a mobile device. Vodacom offers business customers, private, public and managed APN solution. A private APN provides secure to a company’s intranet and platform. It can also provide control over a company’s mobile data spend. A public APN is typically associated with all subscribers by default, for example Vodacom’s public Internet APN allows all subscribers access to the internet by default.

Managed Mobility

  • Customer Self Service and Reporting: A solution that allows business customers to administer and manage their business cellphone accounts as well as Vodacom services linked to these accounts online, enabling administrators to perform the day-to-day operational tasks such as running and viewing user reports, including detailed billing of accounts and updating company structure and associated cellphone accounts. It also includes the electronic delivery and presentation of financial statement, bills, invoices and related information to the customer. It provides cost reduction, facilitates payments faster as you receive your bill online, reduce environment damage (no paper-based bills), improves customer relationships and provides business growth.
  • Vodacom Spend Manager: In the past customers were able to receive online real time information on their mobile spend but had to rely on their carrier to provide them with management reports on their spend and inventory. Vodacom Spend Manager puts the control back in the customer’s hands by allowing them to fully and holistically understand their mobile spend across voice devices, mobile APN as well as data devices via a user friendly online web interface.
  • Vodacom Secure Device Manager: Ever increasing numbers of employees are taking full advantage of smartphones and tablets to access company email and information. The challenge is to keep the data on these devices secure. To help, we have created Vodafone Secure Device Manager, a powerful yet simple and flexible solution that supports Apple®IOS, Andriod™, Windows®, Symbian® and BlackBerry® devices
  • Multi-Data Sim: Vodacom’s Multi-Data Sim offers a simple way of using one data bundle all across all your devices, taking out the hassle of
    managing multiple data bundles.
  • Link up to four data sim cards to your primary contract, which can be used simultaneously on various devices, like your laptop, PC, smartphone and tablets
  • Receive one consolidated bill
  • Multi-Data Sim is available for use on any package (24 months and month-to-month data contracts, 24 month and month-to-month voice contract)

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