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Business Connect is a business grade internet service that comes with a versatile router and FREE wireless interim service that converts to a FREE backup service once the primary access medium is installed.

Please find the new Business Connect tariffs following the end of an extended promotion including a  few enhancements to the product as follows:

Business Connect Router:
The AR129 router is the current default router for all Business Connect packages up to 100Mbps. A Cisco 4K router can be quoted at an additional charge should you as a customer have any non-standard requirements that the AR129 cannot fulfil.

Additional package:
10Mbps offering has been.

Business Connect Reprice as per the table below:

Business Rules:

  1. Pricing is strictly for On-Net services only.
  2. Pricing is dependent on feasibility studies.
  3. When Off-Net/3rd party last mile is identified, eg. Liquid, Openserve, etc., CSS pricing will be worked on by Product Management.

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