Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC is about your organisation’s context, strategy, and risk and compliance universe in relation to meeting your objectives and operating a sustainable, ethical, profitable organisation … that is viewed with value and trustworthiness by your customers and other stakeholders.

Free Maturity Assessment

To help you assess where your maturity levels are, we’ve enabled an assessment where you can review your organisation against leading best practices, standards and critical regulatory requirements that organisations should have in place.

  • Assess any technologies you have in place for GRC activities,
  • Assess your leadership,
  • Assess your operational processes,
  • Assess your risk management approaches,
  • Determine accurate levels of potential breach and exposure … and more.

Our specialised governance, risk and compliance online tool combines leading subject matter advisory expertise into an integrated GRC platform.

Register here to start your free assessment offer.

  • Cut the costs and time of implementing your business strategy.
  • Get practical help in making the right GRC decisions.
  • Base your decisions on an informed report that is tailored to your business.
  • Choose between an IT governance and an overall enterprise GRC maturity assessment.


  • Find out more on the limited, free IT governance assessment here
  • Find out more on the limited, free overall enterprise governance, risk and compliance maturity assessment offer here
  • View a sample maturity assessment report
  • Overview: Governance, risk and compliance integrated platform


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