Web Hosting (Shared)

We offer Cpanel (Unix) based hosting as well as asp .net (windows) hosting packages.

All our Unix accounts come with cPanel, the most popular web hosting control panel available today. It makes it possible for you to use many of our great features without the need for much knowledge about servers or anything of that nature. Just a few clicks and you have an email setup. Another few clicks you now have your first database setup and you can now access it and manipulate it through the control panel.

Dedicated Hosting / Servers

Fully Managed or Unmanaged.

State of the art, VPS Hosting
Our virtual private servers are built
from the ground using all SSD storage.
Enjoy increased power, flexibility,
and control for your applications / websites and servers.


Fast and reliable Internet connectivity has become a business hygiene factor. It’s an essential requirement for productivity and overall business success and is fast becoming one of the main sales and marketing channels for small businesses. Everything from customer interactions and online payments processing to cloud-based data store and applications depend on a fast and reliable Internet connection.

When shopping for Internet packages, information overload is imminent and page after page often floods you with tech jargon and overlapping terms. Google opens the door to every fact, figure, product and service known to man so before you type anything in the search bar, you need to know what your business needs are.

ADSL Packages

We have a wide range of ADSL packages available, let us help you make the right choice.


We work with multiple fibre providers to get you the best possible service.


Intdev can get you connected anywhere, with a wide range of LTE products to choose from.
High speed internet access.
Quick and Easy to install, plug and play operation.
No landline necessary.

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