Managed Support

Services Include:

Managed Server
24×7 Advanced Performance Monitoring, Server Configuration Management as part of our Cloudistics solution, Patch Management, Real Time Server Optimization, Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.

Managed Workstation
8×5 Advanced Performance Monitoring, Workstation Configuration Management, Microsoft and 3rd Party Patch Management, Real Time Workstation Optimisation, Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.

Managed Network
Firewall Management and Maintenance, Router and Switch Performance Monitoring, Internet, VPN and LAN Connectivity.

Managed Support addons

Managed Security
Anti-Virus Monitoring and Management, Anti-Spam Monitoring and Management, Regular Vulnerability Scans and Reports with the use of Fortigate Forticlient.

Managed Backup & Disaster Recovery
Backup Deployment, Configuration & Testing, Performance Monitoring, Backup Software Updates, Scheduled Backups Jobs, Offsite Storage, Data Centre Replication and Business Continuity Planning.

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